Product Details and FAQs

Alcyonics offers an Entanglement System product dependent on vessel type, length and requirements.  See below to view the specifications of the Mark system.

Standard Entanglement System Package Includes:

·         300 foot / 136 meter entanglement lines with breakaway points every 50 feet / 23 meters – numbers will depend on the length and configuration of the ship. Contact us for details.
·         Storage containers for the entanglement system.
·         Custom-built booms – number and specification will depend on the length and configuration of the ship. Contact us for details.

The Entanglement System in Action:

Frequently Asked Questions:

We use armed security, why would we need the Entanglement System? 

Any reputable security company or security consultant will tell you that no single security measure is un-breachable and defense-in-depth is critical.  The deck of a 600 foot-long cargo ship can mean over an acre of space for a small security team to secure.  The Entanglement System disables attacking vessels, drastically limiting the attackers’ avenues of approach and reducing the number of attackers security personnel need to engage.  By using both systems together, your security team can do a lot more with less, and your ship is far better protected.

In extensive underway testing, at all speeds and angles of approach, any small craft coming into contact with the Entanglement System have been disabled.

How long does the Entanglement System take to install?

Most installations will take no more than one day including product training for the crew.


What happens when a pirate craft comes into contact with the Entanglement System?

The entanglement lines wrap around the propeller or clog the impeller, forcing the propeller or impeller to stop and the engine to seize.  After the propeller has stopped, the breakaway system come into play, leaving the pirate craft disabled and adrift.


How much does the Entanglement System cost?

The cost varies depending on the ship’s dimensions (length, beam and configuration), but runs less than the cost of similar perimeter defense measures like concertina wire.  Please contact us for a quote. 


What about pollution?  Does this system cause environmental damage?

When the device breaks away, only about 50 feet of polypropylene rope is discarded, this is one of the most commonly used nautical materials in the sea.  The device is not designed like a net; therefore it will not entangle marine life or pose any environmental threat.  It is far less dangerous than the hundreds of fishing nets, crab and lobster traps, and trot lines that are lost in the ocean every year. 

What about additional sections?  What if a pirate hits it and breaks it off, then another pirate skiff approaches?

Our baseline model incorporates a redundant strand of entanglement device to prevent multiple attacks from being able to penetrate the barrier.  The predominant pirate tactics we’ve seen over the past ten years leads us to the assessment that a dual layer, combined with additional security measures, is appropriate for most customers; however, slower ships or those with a higher risk profile may well consider additional entanglement material, and more lines can be added.  Please contact us to discuss your vessels requirements.