Product Line

-Fixed Site Defense

-Alcyonics’ Entanglement System

Our Entanglement System is a barrier against pirate attacks, enhancing all other shipboard security measures, protecting crew, ship and cargo and disabling pirate skiffs completely.  With our system in place, pirates can't close the distance to board, so your ship can escape.

System Design                         
  • Proven and tested design concept in use as harbor control
  • Proprietary, patent pending design takes the concept further, allowing moving platforms
  • Main Line with overlapping entanglement bundles
  • Effective at all speeds and angles of approach
  • Effective against engine propellers and impellers
  • Engineered breakaway points to prevent towing a disabled skiff
  • Design allows multiple layers of defensive perimeter
  • Enhances all existing methods of vessel security, including armed security teams

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Entanglement System Fast Facts

  • Booms and base plate mounts manufactured to engineered design specifications
  • Bolt or weld boom base mounts to the ship. (Clients choice and depends on ships deck and safety rail configuration)
  • Booms fold back to railing when not in use so as not to impede normal daily operations
  • Easy and quick installation, initial installation and training in most cases within one working day
  • The entanglement system floats
  • Break away strength from 150lb/68kg to 600lb/270kg depending on client's requirements
  • Vessels vary widely in length, beam and displacement, Alcyonics will require precise specifications to properly outfit each vessel with Entanglement Systems (See link below)