Analytics In-Depth

Our Analytic Team has a proven track record that supports their weekly threat summary predictions.  Alcyonics not only has an excellent predictive record, we provide the most specific and detailed analysis in the business.

  • Our accountability rate is above 75%.  Our predictive analysis has proven to be extremely accurate and piracy events often happen within or near our predicted areas.
  • Users are able to manipulate our analysis to suit their browsing needs through Google Earth, Google Maps and any other KMZ-viewable applications.


Keeping Mariners Safe Around the World

The most high-threat areas are usually predicted in the Gulf of Aden, however Alcyonics is committed to providing analysis outside this area including the southern Indian Ocean, Indonesia and West African Coast.  Our predictions include all locations where pirates exist and we mean to keep our subscribers safe with our analysis.

Why Alcyonics is one of the best at what we do:

  • Our intelligence comes from a variety of firsthand sources that are untainted with bias or opinion.
  • Alcyonics is not driven by any agenda; our focus is strictly analytical and to keep mariners safe and out of harm’s way
  • Our predictions are adaptable to new intelligence.  We do not have static predictions as new intelligence calls for an ever-changing landscape of threat areas.