Our Analytics Team

Alcyonics analysts use structured analytic techniques, military and intelligence community training and experience, and a lifetime of blue-water sailing to put together open source, unclassified predictive intelligence.  Our products arm you with the best and most accurate information you can have, whether planning your route or preparing your security team to repel pirate attacks.  our analytic method produces unparalleled accuracy - greater than 75% since 2009.  


How We Do It
Our Analytic Team, comprised of career intelligence officers, counter-terrorism experts, and lifelong small-vessel captains with deployments around the globe, use open-source materials, proprietary analytic methods, and our established network of contacts and sources to assess the factors that drive our predictive analytic products.  In concert with contacts Alcyonics maintains at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Alcyonics has a comprehensive database of pirate camp and stronghold locations, as well as confirmed and suspected anchorages used by pirates to hold hijacked vessels.  Our industry and government contacts assist us in confirming or refuting these data points, helping to add dimension and accuracy to our predictive model.

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