About Us

Alcyonics was established in response to the dramatic increase in global piracy. After identifying a need for a ship-level defensive system for countering piracy threats, we examined existing measures and policies. We researched the policy debate and took a serious look at what shipping companies and governments are doing to address the piracy problem. We saw and predicted the obstacles that are now slowing down multi-national responses. Our solution to the problem was to create a defensive, protective system that is designed to be non-lethal, selective, and discriminate in its use. We incorporated current shipping industry best practices and safety and security guidelines in the application of the system. We aligned ourselves with the current policymakers to insure that our solution dovetails with the broader strategies being discussed and implemented by governments. In short, we made sure that our systems work at the tactical, ship-by-ship level as well as within the broader, strategic level. Our systems were then tested, reworked, and retested until we developed a patentable prototype unlike anything currently available on the market. Our US Patent was filed in September of 2009.

Alcyonics is dedicated to protecting ships, their crews, their passengers, and their cargo everywhere in the world. Piracy is a self-perpetuating problem, and it has to be addressed in the near-term if any long-term strategies are to be effective. Every successful attack or ransom paid increases pirates’ abilities to attack new targets. The ransoms being paid to pirate groups are buying them new boats, new weapons, and more importantly, new information on which ships to target. Every attack, whether successful or not, damages the reputation and image of the shipping companies themselves. In an industry built upon dependability and security, pirate attacks shake consumer confidence and force clients to seek other alternatives for transporting goods. It is our business to protect against more than just the attack on the water. Our system can offer protection from accusations of negligence, from damage to reputation and image, and of course, from pirate attacks themselves. Our company offers solutions at every point on the spectrum from tactical to strategic.

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